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2024-03-29 Shufflecake will be presented at the Fachbereichskolloquium at University of Konstanz on Wednesday April 10th, 2024. Feel free to join us at 13:30 in room ZT 1204 (Data Theater).

2024-02-25 Due to received interest, the Shufflecake talk at the ZISC Lunch Seminar at ETH Zurich on 2024-02-29 will be also streamed online, so people can join remotely! The plan is to have it on Jitsi (link) but we might decide to switch to a Zoom meeting as a backup if things don't work out. Check this news entry or our Mastodon channel for updates.

2024-02-14 Shufflecake will be presented at the ZISC lunch seminar at ETH Zurich on Thursday 2024-02-29. Feel free to attend, ask questions, get insights on current dev status and next directions!

2023-12-31 NEW RELEASE! Shufflecake v0.4.4 contains a hotfix for a memory allocation error on large devices.

2023-12-07 Updated revision of the Shufflecake research paper available on IACR's Eprint and arXiv, with improved pseudocode and explanation of the volume corruption mitigation strategy adopted in v0.4.3.

2023-11-29 NEW RELEASE! Shufflecake v0.4.3 contains a hotfix for a compilation error on recent Linux kernel versions.

2023-11-28 NEW RELEASE! Shufflecake v0.4.2 is out. This includes various bugfixes. An outstanding one is the resolution of persistent slice allocation ambiguity after a volume corruption, in order to help external recovery tools (e.g. RAID).

2023-10-10 And, as promised, finally the full version of the Shufflecake research paper is online, with all the nitty gritty details of our beloved plausible deniability solution! Available both at IACR's Eprint and arXiv.

2023-10-06 Finally we can publicly announce the BIG NEWS! Our Shufflecake research paper has been accepted at ACM CCS 2023! We are super excited to present Shufflecake at one of the most prestigious academic cybersecurity conferences worldwide! An open access full version will be available soon. See you in Copenhagen!

2023-08-18 Back from Vegas! DEF CON was a blast, thank you all for visiting the talk at Demo Labs and asking many interesting questions! For those of you who missed it, slides are available here, and some discussion about future steps available here.

2023-07-30 NEW RELEASE! Shufflecake v0.4.1 is out. This is a minor revision of Shufflecake v0.4.0. It fixes some mistakes in the documentation and drawing schematics, as well as improving some behavior of benchmarking scripts.

2023-07-29 We have added a XMPP/Jabber Multi User Chat (MUC) as a support group for Shufflecake! We prefer this old-timer, standardized, secure, still privacy-king IM protocol over more modern alternatives. For now we don't have our own instance, but you can find us lurking at, one of the oldest and most battle-tested public XMPP instances out there.

2023-07-26 NEW RELEASE! Shufflecake v0.4.0 is out, with a ton of improvements and new features! With this release we are getting very close to something that is really usable and not a proof-of-concept anymore! Most outstanding bugs have been fixed, performance has been improved a lot thanks to the new slice allocation algorithm, and it is now possible to change an existing password (without re-formatting the volume) and to test if an existing password is correct without opening any volumes. We have included a powerful benchmark script suite to test Shufflecake against the performance of other common disk encryption tools such as LUKS and VeraCrypt. We have also improved documentation and added "advanced usage" instructions, including ongoing research and manual workaround to mitigate the possibility of volume corruption when not opening all hidden volumes and writing to a decoy volume - yes, it turns out it's actually possible! Finally, we updated the FAQ on this website!

2023-07-16 WE ARE GOING TO DEF CON 31! Shufflecake has been selected to be presented at DEF CON 31 Demo Labs on August 11th in Vegas! Come to see Shufflecake in action, learn about the tech, and ask in-person questions at 12:00 local time at the Unity boardroom at Caesar's Forum! Also visit the DEF CON 31 Shufflecake subforum.

2023-07-15 NEW RELEASE (HOTFIX)! Shufflecake v0.3.1 fixes parameters for Argon2id KDF, which were previously set too high, resulting in unacceptably slow opening time for non-recent devices. Unfortunately this breaks header format compatibility with v0.3.0, so please treat v0.3.0 as bugged.

2023-07-11 NEW RELEASE AND FAQ UPDATE! Shufflecake v0.3.0 is out, with a ton of improvements! First of all, starting from now we begin using semantic versioning for numbering Shufflecake releases. This means that, from now on, you can expect Shufflecake devices to retain compatibility with all Shufflecake versions which share the same MAJOR version number (the "X" in X.Y.Z). Furthermore, the two old repositories for dm-sflc and shufflecake-userland have been now unified into a single, easier to manage repository called shufflecake-c. Another big change is that we decided to switch from GNU GPLv3+ to GPLv2+ as a software license: this allows us to keep compatibility with the old license and at the same time with the Linux kernel, in view of future integration projects. The new v0.3.0 has been completely revamped and cleaned, both in term of user interface (using standard GNU command line arguments and option patterns), documentation (changelog, improved README, online usage, etc) and security (use of Argon2id instead of Scrypt as KDF). Finally, some FAQ items in this webpage have been updated to reflect these and other changes.

2023-07-05 Minor tweak to this website: Added Mastodon channel icon on the nav menu and grouped old news into a separate page.

2023-04-16 Release v0.2 is out! Shufflecake v0.2 is a major rewrite of the code, fixing many security bugs and inconsistencies with the documentation. There is still work ongoing but it's definitely a different experience! See the changelog for more info.

2023-03-28 We are on Mastodon! You can follow to receive news and see discussions about Shufflecake. We will try to duplicate most of the announcements though. In any case, always refer to this website as the official source of information.

2023-03-28 Migration to new hosting completed. Just to confirm, the new IP is

2023-03-26 The move to the new hosting is imminent, scheduled for Tuesday, March 28th, around 10:00 AM CEST.

2023-03-23 We have now an RSS feed for announcing news, releases, etc.

2023-03-22 Just a heads-up: the Shufflecake website is going to change hosting provider soon (before the end of March, probably before) and so the SSL certificates will change as well. We are moving to Hetzner Cloud, the new IP will be

2023-01-06 The SSL certificate of has been renewed, plus some configuration improvements on the web server side. This might break accessibility for some older browsers, but gives us now a score of "A" on SSL Labs. Thanks to the person who kindly pointed out the issues.

2022-11-22 FAQ updated

2022-11-13 Shufflecake is on the news! Slashdot - Reddit 1 - Reddit 2 - Reddit 3 - Hackaday